The girl from Ipanema, Notoberfest, Joe…

So all this Argentina talk got me to thinking about Rio de Janeiro and how we probably ought to get back there sometime.  On the couple of visits we made, we hooked up with Jose Carvalhos, who was running the private car service out of the Inter-Continental on Sao Conrado beach.  Having a driver in a place like Rio makes a lot of sense because you get transportation and security, along with a lot of insight.  Part of the security stems from the fact that you tend to blend in with the locals a lot easier if you don’t show up on a tour bus.  Rio is a great place to be relieved of your valuables, so that’s important.

Anyway, the subject of “the girl from Ipanema” came up in our conversation and Jose said that not only was she still around, but she was still quite beautiful — which is darn good when you’re in your 60s.  I’m guessing that South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s pal in Buenos Aires is quite a bit younger and that it’s only a matter of time before some enterprising papparazzi will be fleshing out some of the details on that, so we’ll all have to keep an eye on the grocery store tabloid covers for a couple of weeks.  In the meantime and still speaking of South American women, here’s a 2006 picture the actual “girl from Ipanema” who inspired the song when she was 15. She’s shown with her daughter — and as Jose indicated, she’s held up very well:

As for Governor Sanford, well, Sen. John Ensign should be thanking him profusely… Rio from Sugarloaf… For single-handedly taking Ensign out of the news by having a much more intriguing storyline.

Joe the Plumber appears at the Plaza tonight, but I think I’ll be blowing that off in favor of “Notoberfest,” which is a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club featuring food, live music and lots of fun at the Granite Peak Sundance Ski Chalet on Rib Mountain from 5:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.  For more info, go to:

Tickets are $25 a pop, which is not too bad, as these things go.  So maybe we will see you there and in the meantime, I leave you with a shot of Rio from Sugarloaf, which was well worth the price of the cable car ride to get it and there was even a live monkey working the crowd at the first stop. 

“Tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from Ipanema goes walking…”



2 Responses to “The girl from Ipanema, Notoberfest, Joe…”

  1. John Rosenberg Says:

    Jim, I know you know this because we both had the same Geography teacher but allow me to point out that Rio is in Brazil … not Argentina. As for the girl from Ipanema? She belongs to the world … for which we all thank God! Nice blog. Are the old posts archived somewhere?
    Your brother.

    • standby4321 Says:

      Hey, I know the Rio is in Brazil — I’m just saying it’s as close as I ever got to Argentina so we have to go with what we know. As for the old posts, they can still be viewed for the next few weeks at:

      I have saved them in a very raw form, but I’m not sure if the format will ever make it practical to use them again. There is a maximum limit on the volume that can be transferred to this new blog, but there is a possibility that I will go in and pare that previous body of work down to the limit — sort of a “best of” type of thing, I guess.

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