Big Tuesday looms for the 400 block

Concert crowd, reduced

Tuesday’s council meeting features the return of an issue that has been on my short list of things to try to get done for years: improving the 400 block.  It has been derided, derailed and delayed for years.  I don’t expect it to be a landslide victory, but I’m hopeful on this go-around because we’ve had a great outpouring of organized public support.  One example is a Facebook page that has collected more than 460 people supporting the improvements: 

And there’s recognition that the job isn’t done until the job is done, too — so I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing a lot of supporters at the meeting:

I’ve talked enough about this in the past and it’s easy to scroll down the blog and find the prior discussion.  There will be a lot of people to thank if we can finally get this plan approved this week.  I’m hoping that after Tuesday’s meeting, we will have the opportunity to begin working to implementation instead of being mired in yet another chapter of the unending discussion that has kept us from reaching our potential over the past few years with this outstanding but unpolished gem.  See you at City Hall Tuesday night.


One Response to “Big Tuesday looms for the 400 block”

  1. Deb Thompson Says:

    I love the idea’s for the improvements. The wall around to sit on is one of my favorite things and permanent stage. Great work! I hope it gets implemented.

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