Twisted thinking on Mayor Barrett’s attack

“It is a tale told by an idiot…”  Shakespeare in Macbeth

As many people know, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was attacked by a pipe-wielding thug Saturday night outside of State Fair Park in West Allis as he dailed 9-1-1 to intervene in a domestic dispute.  Here’s what right-wing blogger Amy Geiger-Hemmer had to say about it.  (I’d post a link, but things can be changed with a sudden stroke of sanity in cyberland and I wanted you to see it the way it was when I looked at it just now):

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett attacked while dialing 911

Milwaukee Mayor, Tom Barrett, was leaving the Wisconsin State Fair grounds when he and his family encountered a domestic dispute in progress.  Read an article about this episode by clicking on the following link:

After first hearing about this on the radio, then reading about the incident, two thoughts came to mind.  First, what if Wisconsin allowed concealed carry?  or – better yet –  if Mr. Barrett had made use of the right to open carry and been armed with a gun?  Do you think the mayor would have been beaten on the head repeatedly with a lead pipe, ending up in the hospital?

The second thought that came to mind,  knowing that Barrett is a staunch liberal, was why didn’t the mayor just offer to go sit down for a chat with the offender?  (At least he had the courage to whip out his cell phone and dial 911!  Never mind that he chose not to intervene physically to defend the woman that was being attacked…)   After all, according to the liberal mindset, criminals are usually considered victims, too.  They have feelings and needs!  Why didn’t Barrett reach out and offer to console the attacker?  Find out what was bothering him?  After all, maybe the woman who was being beaten had said or done something that angered him.  She may have been to blame!  Many times in liberal land, we know that there is more concern shown for criminals than their victims.  Which is why so many of us are against activist judges in our court systems.  Activist judges, as we have seen,  will bend over backwards in favor of  criminals, disregarding their evil deeds and forgetting about the true victims. 

All this aside, I hope that the mayor recovers.  No honest citizen who tries to aid another should have to suffer a beating like Mr. Barrett endured.  And I do think that Tom Barrett is basically a pretty nice, decent guy.  Something like this should never have happened to him.    Maybe this incident will make him do some soul-searching and  wish he had been carrying a gun….  (Remember the old saying:  “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged?” )   Gosh, what am I saying?!?….How foolish of me!     Barrett is a true-blue liberal down to the core.   He’d never acknowlege that having a gun may have served to protect him, his family and the victim being beaten.  He won’t admit that a speedy dial finger isn’t quite the same as being armed.  Barrett could have ended the incident with one quick flash of a weapon…too bad he didn’t have one! 

No, unfortunately in the future, all I can see is Mayor Barrett possibly sitting down for a beer and peanuts to discuss the incident with his attacker….. Kumbaya!

Posted by Amy Geiger-Hemmer on Sunday, August 16, 2009.

* * *

Rather than comment on any of this, I’ll just say that it is the kind of thinking that speaks for itself. (Not WELL mind you, but just the same, it does.)  With luck, the mayor should be out of the hospital in a couple of days, where he is currently in stable condition.  The alleged perpetrator was turned in by friends and has been arrested.


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