An interesting week, so far…

Pat Snyder - 108

Governor Doyle has decided not to run for re-election next fall and that opens the door to all sorts of interesting possibilities. Biggest winner of the weekend: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who was seriously injured while intervening in a domestic incident outside of State Fair Park. He showed his character, some of his detractors showed theirs — and he becomes an instant frontrunner if he should care to mount another gubernatorial campaign. So far, Barbara Lawton is the only Democrat with her hat in the ring, but I would look for more to be joining in the coming weeks. Biggest loser of the weekend: Scott Walker, who picks up a formidable Milwaukee-area opponent in his quest for the governor’s mansion and has to re-tool his entire campaign, which was geared around a contest with Doyle. This could be one of the more interesting races in the country next fall.

* * *

Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings in a continuing soap opera that will be of immense help to the people in Eden Prairie. The reason is simple. Favre is going to be selling a lot of tickets for the Vikings, a team that nearly had an NFL-imposed local blackout of their playoff game last year after winning the NFC North. Simply put, it’s nothing like Green Bay when it comes to fans of the local franchise in the Land of 10,000 lakes. But with Number 4 coming on board, look for some big-time ticket sales over the coming weeks as the presumptive Hall of Fame quarterback dons a purple jersey. He’s going to be a good pick for them whether he can play well or not. Football is a business. This was a business decision and a very good one. Am I sorry I dumped my Vikings season tickets now that Favre is putting on the horns? No. That was a business decision, too. I wish Favre, the Vikings and the scalpers a great season.

* * *

The Tea Party Patriots and Americans for Prosperity have invited Congressman Dave Obey to their health care forum scheduled for 6 p.m. August 27 at the Rothschild Pavilion, to be moderated by John Stossel. I’ve always enjoyed Stossel’s stuff, although I don’t always agree with his take on things. As for Obey, it would be sort of like having Dick Cheney appear at a convention. There is no reason on God’s green earth for the congressman to show up at something like that and I would estimate the number of votes he has to lose among that group at something in the neighborhood of zero.

Tea Party and AFP folks are widely believed to be behind the disruptions that have been taking place at health care town maul meetings across the country. It kind of looks like when Congressman Obey didn’t oblige them with an opportunity to stage one of their food fights in Wisconsin’s 7th, they decided to have their own. These are not people who have shown incredible expertise in the area of policymaking and it’s probably best to let them continue talking to themselves, just like they do on 550 Radio. More Tea Party activities are planned on the 400 block in downtown Wausau on August 29 and 30 at 3:30 p.m., featuring keynote speaker Pat Snyder. Of course, it’s all non-partisan (which is why the robocalls keep coming from the Dan Mielke congressional campaign.)

* * *

So it’s been a pretty interesting week so far – and it’s only Tuesday.





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  1. Vikings report that 3,200 season tickets had already been snapped up this week since the Farve deal with around 6,000 remaining. That’s why it was a good business move.

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