A star is born: Joe the Congressman…

 Addison Graves Wilson, Sr. (R-SC), who goes by “Joe,” won re-election in 2008 to his Congressional seat by his closest margin since first assuming office in 2000, but it was a still comfortable 54-46 percentage spread. Last night, he felt compelled to holler something on the order of “YOU LIE!” at the President during a joint session of Congress, in which Obama was discussing health care reform. Within an hour, he found himself as the top trending topic on Twitter and his face was plastered all over the internet.

By the time the night was over, Congressman Wilson had raised tens of thousands of dollars for his opponent, Rob Miller, as outraged viewers poured in online donations on sites like Actblue.com and others. According to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Miller had raised more than $100,000 from more than 3,000 contributors in the first eight hours after Wilson’s outburst. Wilson had been forced to make a public apology – fellow Republican John McCain being one of the first to call for it. His Wikipedia page contained a notice: “Editing of this article by new or unregistered users is currently disabled due to vandalism.” His office phone number was being passed around on the internet like a new Britney Spears video.

This is what happens with anti-social comments in the age of social media. Word gets around. Quickly.

I’m not going to jump out and say that Joe the Congressman is necessarily going to end up being the loser on this thing just yet. It could well be that dysfunctionals of the conservative stripe will shore up his campaign fund just as generously as his new flock of detractors from far and wide, if not more so. It could be that in the Carolinas – which brought us the dark entertainment of high-profile scandals like John Edwards from the North and Governor Sanford in the South – this is small potatoes. At this point, Joe the Congressman probably has just as great a chance of becoming a folk hero as “Going Back to Carolina,” in the words of James Taylor.

What is pretty much certain, however, is that Joe is going to be seeing a lot more of his opponent over the next year, thanks to fattening up Rob Miller’s campaign fund and giving him the kind of national fundraising fodder that most opponents could only pray for.




3 Responses to “A star is born: Joe the Congressman…”

  1. Rene Guerra Says:

    My message to Joe the BB Congressman (BB = Big Balls):

    Come on, Joe, don’t cave in; stop apologizing and dreading. I saw you last night on Hannity’s show and it made my blood boil that you looked so meek and tame. Stop that; the vast majority of us, We the People ,are with you.

    Always keep in mind that Obama does not deserve any respect from any decent American. Obama is committing the Mother of All Disrespects on us: the bastard is destroying our beloved America. I am an atheist (not an antitheist, though), but today I will make an exception, I am praying to your God that other Republicans in the high hierarchy grope for any testes in their crouch follow your lead instead of cowering at Obama and the rest of the Left.

    Remember what our Founding Fathers did in the Declaration of Independence; they called the king of England for what he was, and then they rose up in Arms. You just behooved in that most noble tradition.

    I sent you a contribution, just minutes after the end of Obama’s lengthy eruption of gross demagoguery and flat lies. I’lll keep contributing on a monthly basis. I belong to large network of conservatives and I have a large political email distribution list; stay the course and I will keep encouraging others to contribute to and support you.

  2. While disagreement is a normal and necessary part of the process, being classless is a different matter. The duly elected President of the United States — no legitimate comparison to a far-off king there — is certainly entitled to the respect of the office and to claim that no “decent Americans” are on board with that concept is a bit out on the fringe, as well as being insulting to those with whom you disagree. “We the People” are not just the people who see things your way or my way.

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