Another fabulous September weekend…

Oktoberfest Tables - 032

I’ve always been a big fan of fall weather in Wisconsin and this year has been one of the very best I can remember – (which, unfortunately, is becoming a lot of them.) But it’s difficult to beat the combination of warm temperatures, low humidity, cool nights for sleeping, football, geese honking overhead – well, you get the picture because you’re living in it.

This weekend was especially good. Friday night, there was a fundraiser at Malarkey’s for the 400 block. Saturday morning brought thousands of people downtown for United Way activities including a parade and plenty of things to do for the kids. In the afternoon, Bull Falls Brewery opened up their new beer garden out back and hundreds of people showed up for Oktoberfest, featuring a great band playing traditional oompah music and the semi-ceremonial tapping of the first keg of the season’s Oktoberfest beer. Evening brought the Fall Exhibitour downtown, with tons of people enjoying the great weather with a stroll through shops that transformed themselves into art galleries for the evening. A concert on the square put a punctuation mark on the whole thing. This morning, we stopped by the Wausau Whitewater course for the last release of the season, which was being enjoyed by recreational paddlers from several states.

We’ll be scraping frost off our windshields, raking leaves and then shoveling snow soon enough, but at least we’re ramping into with some of the very best that our area has to offer and that is something to savor. Sometimes it’s best to just dump the concerns about policy, the economy and everything else and enjoy what we have instead of focusing on what’s wrong or how things could be better. This weekend was a great opportunity to do that.



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