There is no joy in Mudville…


The Vikings are off this weekend, but it didn’t stop them from improving their position in the NFC North, since the Packer and Bears both lost.  At 7-1 with their closest competition sitting at 4-4, the people in purple are in a great spot at the halfway mark through the season.  And that Favre signing is still looking like it was a pretty good idea.  Meanwhile, back at Lambeau, look for some dramatic upcoming moves if things don’t start turning around.  Handing Tampa Bay their only win of the season did not go over well in the land of the cheese — but that’s what happens when you let people hang around within striking distance throughout an entire game.  By the time the game ended, Tampa Bay was on a roll.

* * *

I get a kick out of the negative commentary from the right on the health care bill.  Do these folks think that they somehow speak for the majority?  That got blown away several elections ago.  Did anyone really think that the Democrats lacked a mandate to pursue health care reform?  Once that is settled, there are more elements to the mandate that need to be aggressively pursued in the area of the economy and Iraq.  And no, most people are not all that interested in escalating the war in Afghanistan. 



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