‘Tis the season…

So, I’ve taken some time off from the blog and in checking back today, on the cusp of Christmas, I see that the entry with the most hits is my recipe for prime rib.  That’s cool for a couple of reasons.  First is that I picked up a really awesome standing rib roast tonight at Pic & Save for $5.99/lb., which is a steal.  And I’m guessing some other people did, too.  If you didn’t, there’s still time and here are those fool-proof instructions:


You’re going to love it. 

The second reason is that it’s practically Christmas and I don’t feel like talking about politics, the health care bill or any of that stuff.  This is a time for family, food and reflection.  Next year, which will be upon us in a bit more than a week, will have plenty of opportunity for politics since it’s an election year.  But if you want to read a quick review of Sarah Palin’s book, here’s one from my favorite political commentator:


I stopped by the Domino for a couple of Tom & Jerrys and they’re just as good as ever, so be sure to put that on your list of places to stop over the holidays, if you happen to be in town.  Tomorrow is “mens’ day” at the stores and I’ll probably have to join in — even though I don’t really get into Christmas shopping all that much.   The weather looks like it’s going to be bad, so I’m happy that we’re not traveling and you have my sympathy, if you are.  There is a bottle of Chandon chilling for New Year’s Eve and some foie gras at the ready. 

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to all.



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