Travel stuff…

I see that City Pages has posted this web address as a place where people might find some of my travel stuff, but if you came for that reason, you’re having to wade through a lot of political stuff with not too much TRAVEL.  There are a couple of places where I’ve posted things over the years more in line with the travel theme.  One is: 

It’s not all GREAT stuff, but you might pick up an idea or two from places I’ve been and whatever notes I may have entered. 

I also sometimes review hotels where I’ve stayed.  It’s kind of fun and you can do it, too.  Here are some reviews over the past half dozen years or so: 

Happy travels!


2 Responses to “Travel stuff…”

  1. have a good information, how go to the another country but becone backpacker?

  2. Sorry, but I’ve not been a backpacker. As I recall, seemed to have info along those lines (not exclusively, but I think you can find that kind of thing there.)

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