Well shut my mouth!

We had some really obnoxious Cowboys fans in the row behind us at the Vikings game in Minneapolis yesterday.  But they got pretty quiet well before halftime and they left early, too.  At 40 years old and with the Vikings taking their playoff run on the road to New Orleans this coming weekend, it’s highly possible that yesterday will turn out to have been the last chance to see Brett Favre play an NFL game within 1,000 miles of here.  Whether or not that’s true, it was a great game to see.  I dropped a souvenir rally towel off for Stacy Cole over at WIFC.  She’s played the role of persecuted Vikings fan over there for years and she deserves a week to wave that towel any time she wants to. 

* * *

Tom Schuette hosts yet another GOP announcement at Wausau Homes this week; this one for Madison real estate developer Terrence Wall, who is running against U.S. Senator Russ Feingold.  Meanwhile, presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett will be in Wausau tomorrow to get his campaign rolling with a visit to the Wausau Business Development Center in the afternoon and an evening fundraiser.  Barrett had a lot of support in these parts for the 2002 primary against Jim Doyle and he’s been mayor of Milwaukee for nearly a half dozen years now.

* * *

For the record, January 20-24 are the coldest average days of the year.  After that, the daily average temperatures begin to warm up.  With the present state of the weather in these parts, that may not turn out to be true this year.  One thing is for sure: as of later this week, we begin to climb out of this thing known as winter.  There will be more cold and snow to come, but we’ve made it through the first half and in some ways, we’ve been kind of lucky.



4 Responses to “Well shut my mouth!”

  1. Paul Henning Says:

    Hey James,

    We were just talking about it today. Why do all these GOP candidates end up announcing at Wausau Homes? What’s the big attraction for the candidates at WH? What does WH offer them? Other than these official announcement gigs, I haven’t noticed the Schuettes playing that big of a role in the Republican machine, otherwise. Have I been missing it?

    And, why is upstate Wausau the announcement location for Wall when the election is likely won in Milwaukee and Madison, certainly not in northern WI? Doesn’t him announcing in Wausau dis Madison, the town he hails from?

    These dumb questions probably point to the fact that I will never, ever understand the politico mindset and what drives it.

    In contrast, great minds must think alike regarding the weather! It’s your thoughts on the first half of winter that help me get through the second half! I feel warmer already.

    Thanks, P.H.

  2. Schuettes show up as significant campaign contributors in reports and they may already be maxed out on one or more campaigns for the November election. It’s typical for statewide candidates and officials to tour the state with stops in each media market. One has to presume that GOP challengers know that they are welcome at Wausau Homes. (Of course, it doesn’t build bridges with those currently serving in office — or in the new term, if the challengers come up short, as they have up until now.)

  3. I just wrote a post about why I became a Vikings fan and your blog popped up as a related link. I’m envious of you being able to go to one of their games and I hope Favre comes back.

    • It will be interesting to see if Favre comes back. One of the striking things about the New Orleans game was how brutal life as an NFL quarterback can really be. Personally, it looks to me like the guy can still play and he may decide to do that if he thinks he still has unfinished business. But the Vikings had a golden opportunity this season and they literally gave it away with an incredible number of turnovers in that game. To have it end up so close showed me that the Vikings almost certainly had the stronger overall team. Whether that is true again for the 2010 season will be anyone’s guess, but it sure reminded me a whole lot of the NFC Championship game that they blew in the Metrodome against the Falcons in 1998.

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