Politics Thursday…

Another day in Madison…

So I was in the capitol yesterday and it happened to be “Medical Marijuana Lobby Day and Patient Memorial” day.  Of course, that’s not what I was there for.  One of the associations of which I’m a member had a half dozen issues they were taking around to legislative offices and that was part of my mission.  I also stopped in on an informational hearing concerning proposed legislation arising from the state’s Global Warming Task Force.  While there, I ran into Bill Osmulski, investigative journalist for the MacIver Institute, which is a conservative think tank.  I’ve always said the majority of what I get done results from accidents arising from being in the right place at the right time.   Yesterday was no exception. 

* * *

The Massachusetts election to fill the remaining portion of Ted Kennedy’s term has brought the usual overanalysis from pundits across the country.  Here’s what I think:

1.  It’s one election for two and half years in the U.S. Senate in one state.  It’s not a nationwide mandate, any more than New York’s 23rd Congressional Distict going Democrat from GOP last November was. 

2.  It was a good win for the GOP and it changes the dynamics of the U.S. Senate a bit — but that’s NOT what the people of Massachusetts were voting about.  They were voting for a new U.S. Senator and they picked the candidate that they thought would best serve them. 

3.  While Ted Kennedy held the seat for decades, that is not who Scott Brown beat.  And while the Dems have held the seat via Kennedy, it’s also a state that elected Mitt Romney governor.  Brown is right about one thing: it’s the people’s seat — not the property of any party.

I do think that significant improvement in the employment picture before November will be very important to the Democrats’ prospects in November.  As the party with the majority, they are also the party with the most to lose this fall.  That’s true in Wisconsin and it’s true across the nation. 

All politics are local department…

A couple of interesting items at City Hall tonight.  First, a group of bicyclists — “Critical Mass Wausau” — will be convening at 4:45 p.m. at Cafe Le Grand and proceeding down to City Hall for a 5:15 p.m. meeting in an effort to improve safety at the intersection of Thomas and Grand.  I don’t know if I agree with their proposed solution, but it’s a dangerous intersection for pedestrians and cyclists and something needs to be done about it.  One of the biggest problems in Wausau is the steadfast refusal of vehicle drivers to EVER yield the right of way to pedestrians. 

The second item is a 7 p.m. informational meeting about the planned demise of Public Access television at the end of the month.  My bias is to try to keep Public Access and I will be very interested in seeing what kinds of solutions are offered.  We may want to take some more time on this one before just letting everything go dark.

* * *

John Edwards FINALLY fesses up on the paternity thing.  Shocking, huh?



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