So, how ’bout those, uh, BADGERS!

So, the Badgers mens basketball team hangs in for the win against Penn State.  🙂

* * *

What an incredible NFC Championship game between the Saints and the Vikings!  I would have liked to see the Vikings win, but five turnovers will kill you just about every time.  A lot is being made of Favre’s last interception.  It wasn’t good, but I felt that some of the earlier turnovers in the game were more important to the eventual outcome.  Not scoring at the end of the first half because of a turnover and another that resulted in a New Orleans touchdown really had more to do with what ended up on the scoreboard, to me. 

When you have 31 first downs compared to 15 and 475 yards of offense compared to 257 and more than 50 yards less in penalty yardage, your team should come out on top.  But like a lot of other things in life, being able to avoid costly mistakes can sometimes be more valuable than anything else.  Seeing the Saints go to the Super Bowl is a pretty good thing for New Orleans and I’m way past allowing people who get paid a lot of money as entertainers being able to really dictate my mood. 

Being a Vikings fan is probably a lot like being a Cubs fan.  In the back of your mind, you just know how it is almost certainly going to end, at some point.  What I really can’t understand is why fans of teams that came up short much earlier now seem to feel like they have achieved some kind of victory.  Sorry, but other people losing isn’t the same as you winning — and that’s like a lot of other things in life, too.

* * *

Democrat Dana Schultz of Athens is running for the 87th Assembly district seat currently held by Republican Mary Williams.  This could prove to be an interesting race and it has been fairly close for Williams in the past:

Dana is a Newman High School grad and should bring a lot of energy to the race. 

* * *

Colder weather is on the way, after Mother Nature giving us a serious break over the past couple of weeks.  The good news is that we are now officially over the hump, in terms of average daily temperatures.  (I’m not hauling out the scooter, but just saying…)

* * *

It is estimated that 150,000 people in Haiti have been buried so far following the devastating earthquake that took place almost two weeks ago:

If everyone steps up a bit, we can make a difference.



One Response to “So, how ’bout those, uh, BADGERS!”

  1. Paul Henning Says:


    Update this blog! There’s another more important Badger win to celebrate! Winning large over Michigan State in dominating fashion! I can use a game like that once in a while. It’s easier on the finger nails! They were awsome and who’d a thunk it?

    Later, P.H.

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