Fear and loathing in the county GOP…

Well, maybe not, since Ed Marek is apparently not a member.  But the fellow who managed to pull more than 40 percent of the vote last Tuesday as a write-in candidate against a non-partisan, fairly plain vanilla city council representative in Wausau’s 6th District on the northeast side is not about to keep quiet about his dealings with the Republican Party of Marathon County.  It’s a long read, but well worth it:


For better or worse, the RPMC — (I guess, because we don’t really know who wrote it and whether they represent the RPMC)  — has launched a counterblog:


It’s certainly helpful to have additional light shed on this situation from a different point of view. What I don’t understand is why a response that reads like it is from the organization or its spokesperson would be posted anonymously.

Here is the leadership of the RPMC, as posted on the website.  (Of course, websites and leadership are subject to change and this one is no exception. The group has had a number of rifts over the past several years and Marek’s piece provides some insight into those):


So who are we hearing from here, as “Majestik Eleven?” Is it a unified position of the executive board? Is it several individual members of the party? Is it an individual?

For some — and you can include me among them — it would make a substantial difference whether I am hearing from Pat Snyder and Carl Kluz or Virginia Heinemann, Pam Galloway, Kevin Hermening, etc. 

Whatever else can be said about Mr. Marek, one has to concede that he is willing to stand by his words and be accountable for them. The countercase becomes far more difficult for people to weigh without the ability to “consider the source.”



One Response to “Fear and loathing in the county GOP…”

  1. Why can’t they leave Ed Marek alone? So he called the women in the GOP whores…Big deal! So he swore at women and children…so what!? I have heard Ed speak and I think he makes sense. Illegal immirgints, gone, gays…in the closet. Ed makes sense and should get on the council in the next election. His bottoms up approach is all we need. He and Dan Mielke are two people who should be elected to office today! God will be on every street corner and in every city council meeting. You can take that to the bank!

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