Tax and Titanic Day…

April 15 is Tax Day and that means the second annual “Tea Party” day across the country. And in Wausau, that means a couple of dueling events – one on the 400 Block around 3:30 p.m. being staged by the Dan Mielke contingent and another at the Rothschild Pavilion that looks to be the Americans for Prosperity branch of ‘people who say they are not the Republican Party.’ How do I know this? Because I listened to the radio yesterday as Republican Party of Marathon County 1st Vice Chairman (and 550 Radio host) Pat Snyder interviewed Tea Party organizer Meg Ellefson. (There is a John Ellefson who is Finance Chair of the RPMC, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence and hey, maybe they’re not even related. I mean, there are lots of Ellefsons, right?) One of the speakers is RCMP Chair John Yackel (who was simply cited in the interview as a Wausau attorney, which I suppose is true as far as it goes…)

But the biggest kerfluffle over the Rothschild event came from a speaker who will not be showing up:
 Are People for the American Way non-partisan, too?
* * *
Democratic Wisconsin governor candidate and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was in Wausau Tuesday and Wednesday. He almost seems like too nice of a guy to have to put up with all the garbage that this campaign will most certainly entail. On the other hand, his many years of experience as a state legislator, member of Congress and Milwaukee mayor mean that he is anything but naïve about political realities. He still does Dole handshakes as a result of serious injuries to his right hand in an altercation with a thug outside of the Milwaukee County fairgrounds last summer.
* * *
I took the photo above at the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where many of the people who perished in the Titanic disaster 98 years ago to day are buried. The story of the Titanic would be compelling enough, but the 1997 movie became the highest grossing film of all time until it was finally surpassed this year by Avatar.
* * *
Speaking of trouble in the North Atlantic, many flights are grounded today as a cloud of smoke and ash rises over a volcano eruption in Iceland.  Heathrow Airport in London is closed.  Yowza.

* * *

Tom Tiffany, two-time unsuccessful GOP candidate for the 12th Senate District against Roger Breske and then Jim Holperin, has now thrown his hat in the ring for the 35th Assembly District seat held by Rep Don Friske (R-Merrill) who will not seek re-election this fall.



2 Responses to “Tax and Titanic Day…”

  1. Tea Parties? Burn in HE”double Hockey Sticks”!!!
    Republican Party? Inconsequential!!! Rotten to the Core!

    I am convinced that that only way to save this CIty and County is for you to join forces with Ed Marek! You and Ed together can rule the CIty Council together. Run the Tea Baggers out of the County and the GOP for that matter!

    Get Pam Galloway elected and we have some help down in Madison! I am sick and tired of people who don’t listen anymore! They are full of vinegar and Poppycock! Charlie, Echo Bravo, OUt!!!

  2. Thanks. I’m not sure if Ed Marek and I would agree on too many policies, but we have too many policies and laws already, don’t we? One thing we have in common is that we’re both Air Force veterans and I think that helps us to have another thing in common: we do our best to both say what we mean and to try to do what we say.

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