Politics Wednesday…

“While there was no other candidate that was both from outside of Milwaukee and that held elective office in the race before, I could not in good conscience withdraw. This is no longer the case. Tom Nelson has both elective office experience and is not from Milwaukee. For those reasons I am withdrawing from the race for Lieutenant Governor,” Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski.
Geeze, I’m not from Milwaukee and I have elective office experience. How could I, in good conscience stay out of this thing for so long? (Okay, so actually, I was born in Milwaukee, which makes me a Milwaukee native. That must be why…)

* * *

And on the subject of Assembly Majority Leader Nelson, this from Rep. Snarlin’ Marlin Schneider and the longest-serving member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, in an e-mail to Isthmus:

“I warned Tom Nelson, oops, it’s now Thomas, a couple of years ago not to get too ambitious too fast but obviously he has not heeded that advice…. Mr. Nelson should step down as soon as the session is completed so that a new majority leader can look out for the interests of the caucus as a whole and not use this position as a fund-raising gimmick at the expense of everyone else.”

Other than, I suppose that they get along fine.

* * *

I had a substantial conversation with a member of the Iowa City School District board on Sunday and on Tuesday, the announcement came that Wausau School District Superintendent Steve Murley was offered the job and is leaving to head that district. Doesn’t ANYONE ever listen to me? (Just kidding – and congratulations to Steve.) 😉

* * *

I won’t say that designated smoking room legislation for bars to sidestep the looming statewide smoking ban in Wisconsin in July came up fast, but I would say it was half-fast.

* * *

The GOP had better be careful about taking a stand to prevent any kind of meaningful reform to the financial system. You think Obama has low approval ratings? Check out Wall Street. This could be a suicide pact, if it continues.

* * *

A chilly reception for former Doyle Administration Commerce Secretary from WTMJ’s conservative cheerleader Charlie Sykes, who doesn’t see a smooth or easy transition from that position to a GOP run for U.S. Senate vs. Sen. Russ Feingold. (The real question is what beer Democrats will be drinking this summer because it’s probably not going to be Leinenkugel.)

* * *

Best quip of the week from 87th District Assembly candidate Dana Schultz (D-Athens):

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the table.”

I keep asking people if they’ve heard it before and so far, nobody has.

* * *

Think the media is tough on politicians?  Get a load of this pithy paragraph from the U.K.’s Guardian today:

“Were one of the news channels to represent the day’s sequence of events in graphic form – and forgive me if this has actually come to pass by the time you read this – they should depict an animated Gordon Brown laying a giant turd, upon which a biblical swarm of flies promptly descend. The flies represent the media – and yes, these very words are a dispatch from this pullulating stool, which drew feeders from slavering hacks to anguished publicists.”

Me:  Heck of a job there, Brownie.  God save the Queen!



One Response to “Politics Wednesday…”

  1. “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the table.”

    That pretty much sums up my blog entry for today at CW and WDH

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