Al Gore: the other shoe (or something…)


As suggested in our June 9 post, more news seems to be coming out about the “mutual and mutually supportive decision” that Al and Tipper Gore “made together following a process of long and careful consideration.” And in our never-ending effort to bring you the latest and greatest in punditry and important political news, we have journeyed to the scene of what has become the evolving scandal of former Vice President Al Gore and the infamous “sex crazed poodle” massage incident.  

While it’s a current story in the media, it’s kind of an old story as far as when it actually happened, which will be four years ago in October.  This is leaving the trail a little cold, although the Portland police have now re-opened the investigation.

We didn’t pick up any valuable information at the hotel.  Happily, the Taiwan news service has again come up with one of their highly creative animations to take you through the lengthy complaint.  Never mind if you don’t understand Chinese; you’ll get it: 

As for your reporting team, we gave up at Mother’s Bistro and Voodoo Donuts because the lines were too long and so we retired to an Irish pub to continue our research.  In the end, we figured we could wait for the tabloids to flesh out the story with whatever inconvenient truths may arise.  Mr. Gore was reportedly in London as the story broke last week.  Although it would not have helped him to avoid the coverage, the one thing Europe really has going for it at times like these is not that people don’t know.  It’s that they don’t care.



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