What’s in a name II?

So, I’m trying to figure out some digs in Madison over the next few months and I ran across a sublet possibility.  I haven’t seen the place, but I may have to take it and I’ll tell you why it might just be a case of destiny.

When I was in the Air Force, my first base commander was Colonel Buzard (like Buzzard, which matches up pretty well with flying. Of course, it was always pronounced “buz-ZARD” in public.)  I joined a gas utility when I returned to Wausau and the CEO was Mr. Wrench, (which is a very handy item for putting interior gas pipes together.)  I moved to an electric company after a merger and the CEO was Mr. Weyers (like wires.  Do you see a pattern beginning to emerge here?)  

So the guy with the sublet?  His name is Mr. Lease.  See what I mean?



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