The Quest for Cool…

Instead of putting together a long entry on economic development and the importance of being open to diversity and new ideas, I think I’ll refer you to a couple of stories in today’s Wausau Daily Herald.  The links have enough of the titles in them to let you know what you’ll be reading about: 


Being successful isn’t all about bricks and mortar.  A lot of it is about attitude.  Believe it or not, there was a time when a lot of the signage that you see in downtown Wausau and all of the tables, chairs and umbrellas on the sidewalks were against the law.  It must have seemed like a good idea at the time and it was very uncool.

While cool might be hard for some people to define, a lot of people know it when they see and experience it.  (I’ve found State Street in Madison to be pretty cool and that’s the reason for the picture.  It’s not all about new things, but also about old things and traditions that are kept alive, improved and preserved.)  Now let’s talk about “uncool.”  UNCOOL is telling people strolling between shops downtown twice a year for Exhibitour that because you can’t wrap your head around carrying a glass of wine outside, you’re going to ban it — even though there’s never been a problem. 



One Response to “The Quest for Cool…”

  1. I have tried to explain to people that allowing open wine glasses on the sidewalks of Downtown Wausau is not harmful. Most of the people that attend concerts and other events on City Square often do picnic there with bottles of wine and beer on hand. Wausau is not a college town like Eau Claire or Oshkosh and therefore you are not going to have large groups of rowdy drunken young adults wondering around causing trouble.

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