The way they lie to you…

I was amazed at the large share of the U.S. population that wrongly believes President Obama is a Muslim, as revealed in a recent Pew poll.  It’s so demonstrably untrue, but yet it persists — just like the birther argument.  How does that happen? 

Well, it’s kept alive by people who have a stake in trying to keep people confused to try to advance their own political agenda.  Here’s the current title of right-winger eddobloggo’s blog on the Wausau Daily Herald and other sites right now:  “Has the truth about Obama’s religion been told?” 

Here’s Pat Snyder’s pitch for his guest this morning on WSAU radio: 

‘The second hour begins at 10:05 with Christian theologian and expert on Islamic Law, Usama Dakdok, will examine the question, “Is President Obama Christian or Muslim?”‘

It doesn’t take a theologian to answer questions about President Obama’s religion any more than it takes one to answer questions about yours, unless he’s a mind-reader.  Even then, there’s the record to deal with which doesn’t support the argument at all.

So, do you think it’s just a coincidence that these same “questions” come up at exactly the same time from people who are constantly carrying water for the right wing?  If you do, then that’s one of us.  They like to pretend there is an issue and frame things with “When did you stop beating your wife” questions addressed to people who have no idea.  They would be dismissed more quickly if they made flat statements where people could just come to the simple conclusion that these folks are passing rumors and lying as they attempt to erode confidence in the President (and presumably make their own people and policy alternatives look better by comparison.)  See, it can’t be a lie if there’s a question mark behind it and you don’t have to take responsibility for just asking something, now do you?  But a lie is as a lie does, momma always said. 

If you want to know the truth about Obama’s religion, it’s no mystery.  Here’s an interview in which he responds to direct questions about it (yet AGAIN.)  You may as well read it, because you’re not going to hear these answers on 55 Feedback or in right wing blogs: 

And if you somehow come to the conclusion that the people you’re listening to on talk radio, FOX and elsewhere are being just a tad disingenuous, then maybe you won’t be one of the totally ignorant when Pew comes calling.  The truth is that President Obama is not a Muslim, but if he was, it wouldn’t really matter because this is a secular state and that is correctly the way we expect our leaders to lead. 



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