Oh Danny Boy!

Sometimes, there is no need to comment.  You can just put things side-by-side and they tell the story:

Headline:  Dan Mielke won’t start write-in campaign

By Cara Spoto • Stevens Point Journal staff • September 18, 2010 

Sustainable farmer Dan Mielke won’t launch a write-in campaign for the 7th Congressional District after his loss to former Ashland County District Attorney Sean Duffy.

On Friday the Rudolph resident, who lost the nomination to Duffy by less than 20,000 votes, said he was pulling back, not because he only won 34 percent of voters, but because launching an “aggressive write-in campaign” would not be in his or his family’s best interest.

Mielke said after Tuesday’s primary that he would consider running as a write-in if he received 45 percent of the vote.

“We have been in prayer and have talked to a lot of supporters and have decided that, at this point, it’s not really in our best interest,” he said. “Sometimes, you have to learn that it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature; well, the Republican Party is very similar.”

* * *

Headline:  Dan Mielke launches write-in campaign

October 7, 2010 – Stevens Point Journal

Rudolph farmer Dan Mielke announced today that he is launching a write-in campaign for the U.S. 7th District Congressional seat.

 In an e-mail to supporters, Mielke said he decided not to endorse the Republican candidate Sean Duffy, whom he was defeated by in last month’s primary, because the former Ashland County District Attorney would not negotiate with him on “six areas of concern.”

* * *


One Response to “Oh Danny Boy!”

  1. Personally…. I don’t think this is going to impact the overall race that much… my prediction after the primary was Duffy with 53% of the vote unless he personally goes negative, in which case it would be Lassa by 51% of the vote.

    I think the big picture conservatives who were behind Mielke were smart enough to realize that shifting a vote from Duffy to Mielke’s write in campaign will basically help to keep that seat blue.

    However, there are some strong Mielke supporters (including Mielke himself) who would rather not cast any vote on election day that cast a vote for Duffy…. so it is likely that many of the write in votes for Mielke are votes that would have not otherwise had been cast at all…

    2008 was the FIRST TIME I ever voted for Obey… EVER… historically, I voted R for that particular seat. However, after meeting Obey’s 2008 Challenger, I thought that might be certifiably nuts and Obey really was the better choice (for a fiscal conservative like me).

    For me to actually go public and call someone insane….. knowing the “civil” nature of my online personality…. THAT is saying something.

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