Another city, another 400 Block…

So, I’m reading the paper this morning and I learn that the city may need to kick in another $300,000 for the renovations of the park in the 400 Block.  The budget was around $1.2 million, but happily, the project actually came in well under that at $978,055. 

Here was the funding formula: general obligation borrowing by the city, $50,000; impact fees, $80,000; tax increment financing, $650,000; private donations, $385,00.  That last part — a minority share from private sector fundraising — is what didn’t materialize.  But don’t expect a big demonstration at tonight’s city council meeting.  It’s not likely that there will be angry people turning themselves inside out with threats and charges of elitism on tonight’s news after a bitter, decade-long, community-wide, all-consuming struggle.  There probably won’t be major retribution over it in the Spring elections and it may not even come up in the discussion at all by then.

In general, most people who care — and most probably don’t — seem pretty happy with the project and in the broad scheme of things, the general attitude seems to be  that it’s a nice improvement.  There are even public restrooms and the work is already completed.  Really, I’m not making this up.  You can read about it here, complete with a “city on the hook” headline:

But this park is in the 400 block of State Street in Madison and it won’t be called “the 400 Block” because it’s already been named after a local peace activist, Lisa Link.  And now you know the rest of the story.



One Response to “Another city, another 400 Block…”

  1. David B. Keeffe Says:

    This story is a great argument for naming our central park … The 400Block.

    Just saying …

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