Let me get this right, Governor Walker…

Governor Walker wanted everyone to know that he has received 8,000 e-mails supporting his agenda to gut employee rights in Wisconsin. He didn’t mention whether he got any opposing it and yesterday, tens of thousands of people showed up in person to register their disapproval. 

Just for the record, I want folks to know that I sent an e-mail to the guv last weekend before the protests ever began and here is what it said:

* * *

Governor Walker:

 Wisconsin has a long history of fair and open government. Part of that has included collective bargaining with public employee unions. As a local elected official myself for many years, I understand the frustrations and limitations of the current system. I also think that our current situation in state and local governments calls for some shared sacrifice.

But having said that, I want you to know that I completely disapprove of your sweeping and unilateral proposals regarding public employee unions in Wisconsin. It is unbalanced and it is on a track that will not provide for a thoughtful and dispassionate discussion of the many impacts and issues involved. I hope you will abandon this ill-advised approach.


Jim Rosenberg

* * *
So let me get this straight. It takes a minute or two to send an e-mail.  It takes hours and sometimes days for people to show up at the capitol to let you know in person. Tens of thousands of people are doing that — sometimes risking their jobs — and we should talk about 8,000 lousy e-mails and act like that’s some kind of counterbalance to a scene that looks like Tahrir Square?

How many e-mails did the governor get that didn’t support him? Well, he didn’t say. (I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that mine was probably not the only one.) You can send an e-mail to the Governor General, too:


I’ll bet you didn’t even know we had a governor general, did you?  Well, it’s right there in the address, so it must be true.  And as well we know now, he counts those things.

After what Governor Walker has done in his first six weeks of office and what he has shown the rest of the country on the national news of his poorly received effort to turn Wisconsin into a Red State bastion, his “open for business” tagline has been more than outdone.  




6 Responses to “Let me get this right, Governor Walker…”

  1. regina comaich Says:

    Your comments were right on! I hope the Governor will listen to them. If he proceeds, I hope there can be a lawsuit against his actions.

  2. If his move against the public employee union was the only thing in the bill, it would be horrible enough. I guess the provision allowing the state to sell or contract state-owned assets in no-bid deals with private corporations, is pretty outrageous too! Anyone read The Shock Doctrine, because it is a page right out of that book. Manufacture a crisis, and then you can do whatever you want and people will, apparently, support it.

  3. ***WALKER & CHRISTIE 2012***


  4. Please Help: How can Wisconsin’s Judiciary Branch step in to stop this Governor ? Is there a “check & balance” mechanism to call his unethical behavior into question ? He seems bent on ignoring his responsibility to respond to the will of the people— surely there must be a legal tool to stop his disregard for basic human rights. ????

  5. I’m not sure making God-awful policy is necessarily against the law. (And I’m still waiting to see some weapons of mass destruction…)

  6. When I look at what Wal-mart does to circumvent employer responsibility by hiring “part-time” workers (at minimum wage) to avoid providing health insurance to their employees, I shudder to imagine Walker’s future world. His big tax breaks to corporations to create “jobs” for all of the people he is laying off is his idea of a solution to improve the State’s economy. When I imagine getting one of these new jobs it is not a pretty picture since while on my new job I won’t have the right to collectively bargain with my employer. I guess I’ll just have to suck-it-up and sacrifice…..right?

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