Taking it to the streets — all over Wisconsin

Governor Walker continues to pretend that the large-scale demonstrations in Madison are making heavy use of out of state agitators. They don’t. These are mostly his constituents, not that it seems to matter to Walker. While there certainly have been some supporters coming across the state line on both sides of the issue, the idea that the crowds at the capitol are mostly or even significantly made up of people who are not from Wisconsin is pretty much fiction and a spin attempt.

But even though there is no real need to refute that false premise, it’s really starting to unravel when we consider that hundreds and sometimes thousands of people are now regularly gathering to protest Walker’s bill in communities across the state. Municipal governments are beginning to pass resolutions opposing the bill. Essentially nobody from out of state is involved.

Walker’s bill stinks in various aspects beyond simply trashing unions, as if that wouldn’t be enough. Thanks to 14 Senators holding out in Illinois until the guv finds the road to Damascus, the people of Wisconsin are getting the time he wanted to deny them to figure out just how bad it is.

Just who does the governor think he is impressing with his “open for business” slogan while he continues to ratchet up the acrimony at the behest of the Koch brothers and other corporate interests, at the expense of the citizens he is supposed to be serving?

Sadly, the best news of the week was Walker getting punked by a blogger posing as David Koch and recording 20 minutes of conversation that gave people a rare chance to look beyond the public facade of what certainly comes off  as a cynical, ego-driven and ethically-challenged person. It was clear that the main motivation for his bill was to try to make his mark, rather than solve problems. And when the inevitable firestorm of criticism followed, Walker seemed comfortable blowing it off as something unimportant. It wasn’t.

“Governor Walker, this tape would make Richard Nixon blush,” said Senator Tim Carpenter, in a letter to the governor. “If the recording and the items discussed by you are indeed your plans, you have no business being in public office in our State, and should resign.”

That’s pretty serious stuff, for a fellow who hasn’t even been in office for two months yet. 


Walker-“Koch” phone call, Part 1:


Walker-“Koch phone call, Part 2:


Senator Carpenter Letter:



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