Speaking of outside agitators, Governor Walker…

So, I was watching Moammar Gadhaffi in an interview aired yesterday and he was blaming outsiders – Al Quaida, specifically – for fomenting an uprising in his country. His people love him, he assures the interviewer. (Pay no attention to the machine guns strafing the crowds or the fact that city after city has been taken over by his opposition in an unrelenting march toward Tripoli.)

Mubarek also blamed outside agitators during his downfall in Egypt, so those outside agitators seem to be a popular target for uncompromising leaders. Here’s something from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as the Isthmus reported on his “fireside chat” last week:

‘As for the protesters, (Walker) denied their legitimacy by painting them as, increasingly, outsiders “from Nevada, Chicago and elsewhere.” “This is a decision that Wisconsin will make,” he said.’

That’s kind of interesting, considering that the guv doesn’t seem to have any problem with Tim Phillips, a Washington DC fellow who runs Koch-founded and funded Americans for Prosperity, carrying increasing amounts of water for him in the media. That includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising, which is a lot of money to have to spend on a fellow who just won his election – (one for which the Koch boys poured in plenty.) Phillips told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that AFP had already spent more the $400,000 since the brouhaha over Walker’s “budget repair” bill began less than three weeks ago.

To tell you the truth, Phillips is a lot more lucid than Walker is when it comes to explaining his motives and he provides more insight into what Walker is doing than Walker does, too. Like Phillips, the Koch brothers don’t live here, either. As for decisions that Wisconsin will make, the polls are already showing a huge amount of buyer’s remorse over Walker’s November win. The most current Public Policy Polling result shows Walker would lose a re-match today by an estimated 7-point margin and no amount of gerrymandering by the Fitzgerald Brothers in the coming months is going to help that problem.



7 Responses to “Speaking of outside agitators, Governor Walker…”

  1. Roger Zimmermann Says:

    Do you foresee a time when any of the republican senators like Galloway or Petrowksi will make public comments? Where is Arlo Guthrie when you need him?

  2. They will eventually be forced to, but for now, the safest political course is to leave the focus on the governor and the Republican legislative leadership. Four Republican members of the Assembly voted against the budget repair bill when it came up for passage after a multi-day marathon of discussion. Interestingly, the vote was cut off when it reached 51. (As far as I know, Petrowski was never questioned by media about his “Yes” vote.) As for Senator Galloway, she has said little. She attracted hundreds of protesters at the Rose Garden in Wausau recently where she was scheduled to speak before a GOP crowd at the annual Lincoln Day dinner.

  3. As for the Gov… I am proud to say that I voted for the other guy (I had even blogged about my votes and why back on election day).

    If I remember right, I chose the D side of the ballot in the primary to vote for my candidate in the Clerk of Court race, but I did blog about my support for the other guy on the R side of the ballot for gov…

    Mrs. Rent took a job in OKC and started today… she had continued to look for jobs that would bring her back to central WI… but I am starting to wonder if our efforts would be better served looking for jobs for me down there…….

  4. Sorry to hear that your household is facing so much disruption these days. Although I didn’t have to leave the state, I spent a good portion of the last year out of the community for employment in Madison. I’m happy to be back, but the only certain thing for a lot of people these days is uncertainty.

  5. Ed Hammer Says:

    I love how the Republicans are balancing the budget on the backs of local governments, school districts, and public employees. I suppose if we cripple local governments, dumb our kids down, and lose good public servants, we’ll be open for business. hmmm…. You know Mississippi and Louisiana are not looking so bad these days. At least there, the corruption is out in the open, not clothed in “values”.

  6. What a lot of people don’t realize is how close the states really are in tax burden. Mississippi, for example, ranks 36th of the 50 states in tax burden — but the difference to a person’s overall net income between Wisconsin and Mississippi is only 2.3 percent due to state and local taxes. I’ve been to Mississippi and I’ll pay the 2.3 percent. That amount of money isn’t life-changing, but the difference in quality of life truly is.

    • Ed Hammer Says:

      I’ve been there, too., cleaning up after Katrina. If Walker has his way, that difference in quality of life will be significantly less . I’m willing to pay to keep Wisconsin a better place. And I’m one of those retired people on a fixed income.

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