Mr. Walker, tear down this wall…

A court is expected to rule today on the Draconian access rules that the governor and GOP leadership have put into place for access to the Wisconsin capitol building.  They’ve been flaunting a court order issued earlier this week to follow the state constitution, which prohibits restricting access of citizens to the capitol and its grounds. 

We had a big gathering in December while I was working in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, so I know how intimidating these things can be…

It seems that the people who pride themselves on deregulation don’t have any problem with it when it suits them. But who can blame them? At 12:30 today, there will be an Arts March assembling at the Concourse Hotel and marching to the capitol. We can just imagine all of those artist-thugs, waving their paint-soaked brushes and piccolos menacingly. I mean, who wouldn’t be scared of that?

Meanwhile, some Democrats have been moving their desks outside because their constituents can’t get in.  People who couldn’t gain access included David Obey, who left the U.S. Congress this year after more than 40 years of service.  (I’ll be the first to tell you that he is a tough guy, but really, folks!) 

Is it too much to ask that while the guv and the Fitzgerald brothers do their darndest to change Wisconsin’s laws — to suit them, the Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, and the Koch brothers — is it really too much to ask that they follow the laws we already have?  They were put in place for a very important reason: to deal with the possibility of people like them.



5 Responses to “Mr. Walker, tear down this wall…”

  1. Matt Stifler Says:

    Thanks, Jim.

  2. This Wisconsin Apartment Association was going to have its “Legislative Day” on March 17th but are looking at cancelling it. Although we feel our elected leaders would probably be more than happy to discuss landlord-tenant issues simply because it is something other than budget issues, that will be hard to do when we can’t even get into the building. Our Lobbyist also works for a number of other organziations, and has been unable to attend hearings.

    The Apartment Association of Southeast Wisconsin is scheduled to have their Legislative Day the day before us… I have not yet heard if they are still going to try to make it happen.

  3. This Moron makes new Democrats every day.
    I had a good time marching down in Madison. Great signs and I got a picture with fake Sarah Palin.
    How people vote against their own interests is fascinating. Stupid, but fascinating

  4. WausauFamily Says:

    What’s taking place in Wisconsin is not what most Wisconsin citizens voted for. This is wrapped in a “budget” package because the powers-that-are know that is what most American’s want fixed. When will America wake-up and see exactly what this bill does. Good write-up!

  5. – Just coming by to leave a note that there are an amazing # of solidarity events, rallies, info.sessions, forums, recall efforts, pickets going on this weekend. See the link. 🙂

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