Tea Party turnabout is fair play

Remember those raucous Tea Party people disrupting the town hall meetings of Democratic members of Congress who were trying to inform constituents about the health care bill prior to the last election?  This from this morning’s wire…

WAUWATOSA (AP) — A town hall meeting with Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and GOP state Senator Leah Vukmir was adjourned when opponents of a budget balancing bill began shouting.

Sensenbrenner banged his gavel when some in the crowd shouted remarks while Vukmir addressed questions about Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair proposal that ends most collective bargaining for a majority of state employees. One man drew applause when he loudly accused Sensenbrenner of trying to stifle debate on the issue and shouted “power to the people” as he left the meeting Monday night in a suburban Milwaukee library.

A chorus of boos erupted when Sensenbrenner ended the meeting after about 30 minutes. The crowd chanted “shame, shame, shame” as the meeting was adjourned.

* * *

In order to give credit where credit is due, we should point out that Koch-funded groups like FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity wrote the book* on disrupting town hall Meetings with legislators who, in their view, just don’t seem to get it. Senator Vukmir may have always thought that meant somebody else, but that would be incorrect. And unlike the Tea Party folks, it looks like the people objecting to Vukmir standing with Walker – an Americans for Prosperity campaign slogan right now – don’t need billionaires to fund an Astroturf movement. They get it. This is what real grassroots really looks like, Senator.  And you should know what comes next.

*In fairness, it was a memo. When it became clear that such tactics were not being regarded very highly, the Koch brothers mouthpieces tried to paint it as the work of a rogue. (Does it take one to know one? And isn’t “going rogue” a pretty big part of the Tea Party bible anyway?)



Last five minutes of the meeting:




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