Don’t worry, Senator, those bad, old, out-of-state special interests can’t vote!

So, I’m looking at a fundraising appeal from Senator Dan Kapanke today. This is always interesting stuff and since Kapanke is probably the most likely Republican Senator to lose his seat this summer, it’s especially interesting.

I was pleased to be able to get through the first two sentences and still find myself in complete agreement…

“My name is Dan Kapanke, a Republican State Senator from La Crosse. I’m urgently writing you because I am fighting for my political life and the future of Wisconsin.”

Well, Senator Kapanke, I know who you are – and I certainly agree that you are fighting for your political life and the future of Wisconsin. But alas, the letter continued…

The out-of-state special interest groups and liberal Democrats in Madison are leading a recall effort against me. And now, a Special Election will be held early this summer.”

Yes, I knew about the election. But there were 22,975 signatures on the petitions to recall you and none of them are from out of state – or even Madison, for that matter. And now, with your new shenanigans, the election won’t really be held “early this summer.” Details, right?

I will need to raise over $250,000 over the next 30 days… The out-of-state special interest groups and the liberal Democrats have virtually unlimited amount of cash to spend attacking me with false accusations and dirty tricks.”

Geeze, I’m not really sure that’s true. And what qualifies as a “dirty trick” these days, anyway? Would running a former member of the La Crosse County Republican Party executive committee as a fake Democratic candidate to force a costly primary qualify, for example? Because that’s what you and your pals are doing.

And what about all of that out of district money spent on Mike Huebsch’s Assembly seat that your party recently lost? Don’t you think Karl Rove and the same bunch that was plastering your ads all over the airwaves in your failed run against Congressman Ron Kind will be happy to bankroll another exceedingly negative campaign on behalf of you and your good friend, Governor Walker? I mean, really, it’s the least they could do after all you guys did for them in the state budget. Try the Koch brothers and WMC, maybe. I know they really like what you’ve been such a big part of making possible in Wisconsin this year.

“It’s all part of their plan for Democrat control of the state senate and to shut down Wisconsin government for the next two years.”

Well, based on what Governor Walker and enablers like you have been doing since I left the capitol at the end of last year, Senator Kapanke, I have to tell you that shutting down government sounds pretty attractive. (That was back when regular people could freely walk in and out of the building, remember?)

Tell you what, since I don’t live in your district anyway, I’m going to be content to see what funds you can muster up back home, from your constituents. It’s not that I object to people collecting campaign contributions from outside of their districts or anything. In fact, after reading your letter, I’ve decided to send a contribution to the 32nd Senate District, for the first time ever. It’s just that it won’t be for you.  (I thought it was only fair, since you and your friends are forcing a primary for Rep. Shilling and all.)



3 Responses to “Don’t worry, Senator, those bad, old, out-of-state special interests can’t vote!”

  1. Yea, but they can vote with campaign dollars…

  2. I like grid lock… I like it alot.

    I don’t care which party is in control of the non-court branches of government, if it is all the same party, bad legislation happens… period.

    With a balance of power, it slows things down and the only legislation we see is either a compromise that both parties can live with, or laws that fulfill a common sense need that gain easy bi-partisian support.

    • Ed Hammer Says:

      Doctor, gridlock is looking much more attractive these days. I yearn for the days of debate and compromise.

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