A splendid new square for Wausau

After many years of discussion, re-discussion, rancor, despair and hope, the City of Wausau finally completed its long-awaited city square project. While the first concert was actually held last week, the weather was not favorable and so tonight ended up being the first large-scale event on the new and improved 400 Block in downtown Wausau. It didn’t disappoint. Big thanks go to all who made it possible.



One Response to “A splendid new square for Wausau”

  1. Open letter to those attending summer concerts on the square, traffic laws still apply to you.

    Darting accross the street between two parked cars is dangerous, good thing I saw you because even as slow as I was going, my Excursion when fully loaded takes some time to come to a stop.

    If you are going to cross at a cross walk, don’t sit there gabbing with your friends and finally decide to cross when my light turns green and then give me the finger when I honk at you

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