400 Block makeover — before and after

Somebody was wondering how there could be more area available for Chalkfest drawings on the 400 Block after the renovations in comparison to the block as things were in place last year.  The answer is in the fact that a lot of walkway around the perimeter that was formerly brick was replaced with concrete, which adds to the inventory of useable space. In addition, the interior walkways are a bit wider, there is a large west terrace and there are new walkways to the stage area that didn’t exist in the past.  But all of that aside, it’s kind of interesting to look at a head-to-head by before and after photos.  The post-renovation picture was taken June 29, 2011 and the pre-renovation picture was taken at a concert that was held during the fair in August 2010, so the crowd is a bit smaller. 


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