Is Mark Block finally going up in smoke?

It’s been an entertaining couple of weeks watching the Herman Cain campaign implode. It started out with Cain’s improbable and meteoric rise in the polls. But you have to remember that these are very early polls among conservative Republicans and frankly, there are a lot of Democrats who would love to see Cain as the GOP nominee. It’s not going to happen. 

Then there was the famous Mark Block smoking Herman Cain ad, which you can see here:

That got a lot of people talking — and mostly about Mark Block.  That’s a good thing, if you’re someone like me, because I’ve been talking about Mark Block for years.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a puff piece on Block and Cain which had an amazing oversight in that it never mentioned Block being barred from participating in Wisconsin campaigns for several years, after being caught cheating in a state Supreme Court race. You can read it here:

In what almost looked like a “make-good” for their gross oversight, political columnist Dan Bice rolled out a piece indicating that campaign indiscretions are not necessarily a thing of the past for Mr. Block. (And in fairness, Bice said he had been working on the piece for months):

It was interesting enough to merit a second Bice column two days later. Cain’s campaign has now reportedly hired an investigator. Maybe Mark Block ought to just tell everyone what he did, since it would clear everything up:

Having Herman Cain select Mark Block as his chief of staff told me everything I ever needed to know about Cain. The sexual harassment stuff seems like the typical garbage that crops up in campaigns and frankly, I’m willing to reserve judgement. Cain’s got bigger problems and having well-known Koch mouthpiece and demonstrated campaign scofflaw Mark Block at the helm is one of them:

This is the kind of stuff that usually precedes a news release explaining how someone “has left to pursue other interests.” Prediction: If Herman Cain finds himself on GOP presidential primary ballots next year, it will be in the role of a historical footnote rather than as a legitimate contender. And if Mark Block is still working in politics at this time next year, it won’t be with Herman Cain.


UPDATE:  Mark Block says the Cain campaign is on the verge of hiring its own lawyers to investigate itself in the campaign funding issue with Block’s own non-profits. (Complete with another smokin’ pic! Is O.J. Simpson still looking for the real killer?) 

UPDATE:  Herman Cain announces he is the Koch brothers’ “brother from another mother.”  (No, really, he said it! But while that would potentially represent yet another sex scandal and the child support may have come a little late, at least we know Charles and David are making good on it now, right?):

Bill Bennett:  “Herman Cain and his campaign chief of staff, Mark Block, cannot go on as they have. There has been a pattern now that is both unhealthy for our politics and unhealthy for our polity.” 

Reliable misogynist Rush Limbaugh comes to Cain’s aid: 

John Nichols of the Cap Times lays out the Block-Cain-Koch-Walker  connection:

Cain campaign: We’re sticking with Mark Block. (Note: This is what sports franchise owners usually say about a week or two before they fire the coach):

Nov. 29 — It looks like Cain now has even bigger problems: 

Dec. 3 — Cain suspends his campaign:

Feb, 27, 2012:  Mark Block is the treasurer for Cain’s SuperPAC: 

March 29, 2012: Feds investigating Mark Block’s activities:


One Response to “Is Mark Block finally going up in smoke?”

  1. Honestly. I’m surprised that Cain has made it this far in. It’s obvious that this campaign has been a campaign for a show on Fox News not for President at all. It’s just that Romney is so hated that Cain seems appealing.

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