Two more reasons to recall Walker

For some reason, I can’t seem to find pictures in my photo library of Sen. Leah Vukmir and Rep. Jim Ott with their eyes open. That’s okay, because it fits their blind adherence to an extremist, right-wing agenda. The eyes that really need to be open right now are yours.

Sen. Leah Vukmir is the Co-Chair of the Health and Human Services Task Force for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), as of July 2011. In 2009, Vukmir received an ALEC State Legislator of the Year award. You can read all about ALEC here: 

And the last time I ran into him, Rep. Jim Ott was busily denying global warming in a speech before Koch-founded and funded Americans for Prosperity.

Together, they co-chair the Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules. For them, that means working to enact things that prevent as many people from voting as they possibly can through Wisconsin’s Voter ID law and keeping you from knowing who is contributing how much to political campaigns because they don’t think that’s any of your business. This put them at odds with radical groups like, say, the League of Women Voters.

So now that the Government Accountability Board has decided that students in the Wisconsin technical college system should be allowed to vote with their student ID cards, Ott and Vukmir are all flustered and they think they need to call their stacked committee together to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“I don’t know how much more clear you can get that it was legislative intent not to include technical colleges,” Rep. Ott said.

Actually, Rep. Ott, it seems like legislative intent since January is to sell Wisconsin to corporate interests, with you and Sen. Vukmir helping to lead the charge. And maybe it wasn’t so much of an issue when folks like Vukmir and Ott  were making their extremist suggestions as minority members from red enclaves in an otherwise fairly purple state. But it’s a real problem when you have corporatist, reactionary panderers carrying water for the Kochtopus and a governor only too willing to sign that kind of garbage into law. So if you want to get a handle on this gang, you’ll want to take out the kingpin.


Some background about the Koch reach into U.S. politics here: 

Background on election board’s decision on tech school IDs: 

And by November 22, even the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a problem with “nonsensensical… wrongheaded and illogical” GOP approach on tech school IDs: 


One Response to “Two more reasons to recall Walker”

  1. Roger Zimmermann Says:

    Of all the low down, repugnant, dastardly deeds the Republicans have done, this voter blockage is the worst. The one thing that is patriotic is to vote; it is the basis of our democracy. Outcries of voter fraud are real; they are the fraud being perpetrated by the cowardly republicans in spreading lies about the amount of voter cheating. If you can’t win without resorting to these tactics please leave the profession. How do these professed representatives of democracy look into the eyes of their constituents and claim to be patriots. Of all the things that demonstrate being patriotic, voting is the most democratic thing one can do.

    Walker, Huckabee, and all the others that are trying to suppress people from voting are committing acts of heresy in my opinion. Shame on them.

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