This is the country we’re living in now…

To protect and to serve? This little piece of video from the University of California – Davis last Friday really doesn’t need much comment. 

I don’t think that anyone is going to be able to buy these folks off.  They know what their future looks like in a country that continues to protect and promote growing disparity in income and assets. 



2 Responses to “This is the country we’re living in now…”

  1. Police may think of “protect and serve” as referring to the government rather than the public. Militarization of the police and thinking of the public as “them” has been going on for some time now.

    • History repeats itself. Think of Selma, Kent State, Democratic Convention in Chicago, Peoples Park. When we, the people, protest, we are subject to repercussions. Peaceful, or not, we run the risk of being hosed, gassed, beaten. It is unfortunate, but often the price of civil disobedience. It is worth it to bring the attention to the world. The actions of the government are about fear.

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