Wisconsin can’t afford three more years of Scott Walker

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSAU) – Wisconsin had the nation’s biggest job losses in October — and the Badger State was one of just 11 where payrolls declined on a seasonally-adjusted basis, according to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

State officials reported a week ago that 9,700 jobs were lost in Wisconsin last month, including 9,300 in the private sector.

* * *

There is a myth out there that the recall of Scott Walker is a single issue election and that it’s all about his move to all but end public employee unions in Wisconsin. While it may be true that Walker’s authoritarian approach toward public employees created the catalyst for his recall, there is far more to it than simply having public employees contributing more to their pensions and health care insurance. If that was the case, the recall petition drive would fall far short and Walker would have nothing to worry about when he ends up facing the voters again in 2012.

But then there is that other myth that Walker-backers are feverishly bankrolling and trying to peddle through the Koch-founded and funded Astroturf movement, Americans for Prosperity, and the MacIver Institute, through a costly advertising campaign entitled “It’s Working.” (There is a reason that I always run the guv with the AFP logo in the background. These are people who even lied to voters about the date of the election to try to get their way.)

Well, it’s working if you don’t mind hundreds of millions of dollars being siphoned out of local economies all over the state, taking money off Main Street and sending it to Wall Street and insurance companies, costing jobs in Wisconsin. It’s working if you think it’s okay to throw tens of thousands of people off Medicaid and cut the Earned Income Tax credit so you can provide corporate tax breaks. It’s working if you like rigged elections through gross gerrymandering, fake candidates and aggressive voter suppression. It’s working if you want to limit the access of consumers to the courts. It’s working if you don’t think local governments should have any power to decide anything in their communities and school districts beyond what Scott Walker and the Republicans choose to ordain. It’s working if you think tuition increases that run several times the inflation rate, limit access to higher education and bury future workers in student loan debt are the way to move Wisconsin forward. It’s working if you like abstinence-based sex education, auto title loans at usurious interest rates and concealed weapons with no training. It’s working if you think that having the most polarized political environment since the 1960s just comes with the territory.

And it’s working if you think a special jobs session should mean almost nothing related to improving employment prospects and if — after having a couple of them — it’s still okay for Wisconsin to be leading the nation in job losses because almost nothing was done to make it any different. The fact is, it really is working just the way that policies like Scott Walker and the Republicans have implemented over the past 10 months are destined to work – and we can’t afford three more years of it.


Memory Lane bonus from last summer’s breathless MacIver jobs report:


Scott Walker knew the June jobs numbers were suspect:



4 Responses to “Wisconsin can’t afford three more years of Scott Walker”

  1. I am a student of history and as such, when the masses feel that their government is not serving them or accountable to them, at some point in time it turns into revolution.

    I saw this thing on the news (I don’t remember what channel), but it was this organization who looks at voting records in the US Senate and based on that, chart out the make up of the senate by far right, far left and moderates. 40 years ago, about 60% of the senate were actually either moderate republicans or moderate democrats. Today, that number is zero.

    People in government don’t serve the people… they also don’t serve large corporations…. people in government serve their party. And this applies to democrats as well as republicans.

    There is a growing disconnected between the elected and the electors… and there will be a point where that disconnet results in all out revolution.

    December 21 2012 is coming my friends… And although that long touted date for the end of the world may not be the actual end of the world… I truly believe that government, the economy and society as we know it will not exsist within 3-4 years.

  2. Totally agree with you drrent, and I saw the same news coverage of the 0% moderates in today’s government. Our whole government is fucking bullshit. Why can’t we be like other countries that split their vote like 7 ways? Having 2 main parties is so dumb, especially when one person runs parallel to one of those two parties and boat anchores the votes and so it basically defaults to the other side (left or right). People in government haven’t been serving the people for a while now, and neither are authorities whom are beating up on college studies who are sitting in their grassy knolls doing NOTHING but peacefully protesting. (not our state).

    I don’t understand what the republican party doesn’t see, but I predict a huge revolution of the lower /middle class against the upper class. We may not have the money over them (99% vs 1%) but we have the people and the will power. Fucking greedy scumbags. Walker is such a tool because he thinks tearing down the middle class is a good idea — along with many of these new laws making it harder for the opposing party to vote for their party….FUCK POLITICS!

  3. Read the book Empire by Orson Scott Card. It’s about this exact issue you’re talking about, Ted and Drrent.

  4. Why don’t we all consider a third, forth, fifth party much more carefully? Funds going into the two party system have made us all sheep for a long time.

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