Walker will have all the campaign money he needs

As regular readers know, I get a kick out of fundraising letters and I read every single one of them. That’s not to say that everyone can expect a contribution. My resources are more limited than the people who regularly ask me for money are, after all. But what I will tell you is that you don’t have a prayer if you call me on the phone. For one thing, we don’t contribute on the basis of inbound phone calls because we may only have the caller’s word on the legitimacy of the request. Another reason is that for whatever I may lack in being poor, I try to make up for by being cheap.

Yesterday’s mail brought a request from Scott Walker, talking about “out-of-state hired guns” and the need for $600,000 in start-up capital in the next 30 days. I found this curious for a couple of reasons. First, the governor has been running ads for months so there is no ‘starting up’ about it. He and his pals have already spent millions (and as far as I know, his numbers haven’t moved since Halloween.)

And as for starting up, I received one of those glossy, 8-1/2×11 oversized postcards from the Walker campaign in the mail yesterday, too. (Technically, it wasn’t specifically from the Walker campaign – just some real good friends of his who must already have their “start-up” capital lined up. I’ll bet they’d give him some, as long as they’re spending so much campaigning for him anyway.)

The other thing that’s odd is all the attention on things out-of-state. You’d think the guv might want to soft-peddle that aspect, when you consider that his most recent campaign finance report showed him raising $5.1 million since the start of the recall effort mid-November, with $2.4 million coming from outside Wisconsin. (Hey! Isn’t that about four times the “start-up capital” he said he needs to raise, all by itself?) The governor would need 10,000 people like me coughing up $25 apiece just to cover what just one Texan, Bob Perry, gave to his campaign.

Despite that, Walker was sputtering about all of that nasty out-of-state money again the other day, (as he was raising money out-of-state, in Washington DC. Really, you can’t make this stuff up.) Of course, none of this would be necessary at all, if people would just shut up and let him rule with impunity.

“From first-hand experience, I know how our political rivals operate and how far they’ll go to recall me,” the guv tells me.

Well, the truth is that they don’t have very far to go anymore. We’re going to see next week that hundreds of thousands of people — none of them from out-of-state — have signed to recall Governor Walker. No matter how many lame barriers, hollow objections and technical issues the GOP breathlessly raises over the next couple of months, there is eventually going to be an election. It will cost tens of millions of dollars just to try to keep Scott Walker in office through the end of the term that he was already elected to serve. Worse yet, it may not work. But regardless, I have no doubt that he will be able to raise all of the money he needs, even if he never gets another nickel from a Wisconsinite.


UPDATE: Scott Walker, Texas (money) Ranger, cashes in:


UPDATE: Four out-of-state donors pony up $1 million for Walker; most of his campaign money is from out-of-state in recent report:



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