It’s not working: Walker’s perfect record on job losses

Wisconsin lost 3,900 private sector jobs last month, a number that once again bucks the national trend. The U.S. had a gain of 212,000 in December, which was better than most economists were expecting. Most of the jobs lost in Wisconsin were in service sector industries, as well as hotels, restaurants, leisure and hospitality. A lot of these are businesses that have to do with discretionary income. That’s something that is in shorter supply since the guv’s budget took effect July 1. While he crows in his campaign ads about thousands of jobs being added in the last year, the truth is that all of those jobs were added under his predecessor’s budget and he knows it. Walker’s policies have been carving down on the positive balance accrued under the last six months of Jim Doyle’s budget ever since July in perfectly uninterrupted fashion. The nearly 28,000 jobs lost in the last six months of 2011 under Walker left the state with a net gain of around half that for the entire year. (It was probably a good thing for Walker that the year ended when it did, so it could still show any gain at all.)

When your team is 0-6, is it any wonder that there are a million signatures in the Government Accountability Office demanding that the manager’s tenure be reconsidered in a recall election? And is it any wonder that Scott Walker – after showing up for his right-wing media pals Rush Limbaugh and Fox News – has said he won’t be taking any interviews from Wisconsin television media this week? Is it any wonder that he needs to traipse around the nation to gather out-of-state money so he can bankroll his bogus claims of out-of-state interests forcing his recall election? Did he notify the media about his non-availability this week through that press spokesman with the immunity deal for the corruption probe among his Milwaukee County aides?

There’s something about those million names Gov. Walker needs to understand and it’s pretty simple: they’re all from Wisconsin. No matter how many slick, swift boat ads he funds with his far-flung fundraising forays, he’s eventually going to figure out that there aren’t any votes for him in Texas, Florida, Washington DC, in New York at AIG or out at the Reagan ranch in California. The Koch brothers can’t vote for him, either. He’s going to have to answer for himself, right here, among the people he’s actually supposed to be working for. They’re the ones that he promised those 250,000 jobs to. They’re the ones that he didn’t bother to tell about his anti-middle class, voter suppression, jobs-killing agenda during his last campaign and he probably won’t be talking about much of that stuff during this one, either.

But the monthly job numbers in Wisconsin tell us something that Walker’s campaign ads and his right-wing apologists never will: It’s not working. And by next July or so, there may finally be a job loss occurring in Wisconsin that Walker really cares about.


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out this graph from:


2 Responses to “It’s not working: Walker’s perfect record on job losses”

  1. The Gov. is so unaccustomed to dealing with the truth, he is no longer capable of discerning the truth! In his mind he is surrounded not by facts and reality of what is happening but by years of creating his own spin of what is : that the real truth escapes him. He surrounds himself with special interest people who could care less about the needs of the people of this state so that there is no common ground of governing. But as the GOOD BOOK says ” the truth will set us free”. With 1 million voices of truth now having been declared, the path is set to give Wisconsin BACK TO THE PEOPLE and Democracy back to our State!

  2. It’s still not working, Walker!!

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