Republicans insult Wisconsin with fraud candidacies

It was interesting to receive a nomination paper for fake Democratic 29th Senate District candidate Jim Buckley today, together with a letter attempting to rationalize what is nothing more than a cynical mockery of this state’s elections. Buckley, who doesn’t even live in the district, isn’t a protest candidate, as the GOP likes to euphemistically call the candidates that they run in the other party’s primary. Buckley’s candidacy is a fraud, just like the other fraudulent candidates that the Wisconsin GOP is running in the coming recall elections are and just like those that they ran last year were. The Wisconsin Republican Party should be ashamed of itself for sponsoring such a sham. Of course, they’re not. 

It will be interesting to see if the people who sign nomination papers for the GOP’s fraud candidates will have their names published by “voter integrity” monitors in the same manner that these folks published the names of those who signed recall papers. We saw a nearly hysterical reaction from right wingers who felt there was something scandalous about their fellow citizens exercising a constitutional right to call for an election, even though there was no particular reason to doubt the sincerity of those who signed. So what about those who sign papers to perpetrate fraudulent candidacies in this state in an attempt to make a political gain for their partisan interests? And what of all that hand wringing over the cost of extra elections that they willingly add to by their own acts of mischief? What about all that hollow, hypocritical talk about protecting the integrity of the vote while the governor and GOP legislators were ramming through the now injunction-sidelined Voter ID law? Really, can’t the GOP just wait to cash in on their gerrymandered redistricting plan next November?

Good luck ever regaining the moral high ground, folks. Blatant deceit as a core value has a way of eventually catching up with people. Trotting out charletons AGAIN? Really?

Most importantly, what will it take for most of Wisconsin to figure out that there are some people running this state’s Republican Party who are so pathetically devoid of integrity and who have so little respect for the proper exercise of democracy that they are simply unfit to govern?


Meet one of the GOP’s fake Democrats, black hat and all: 

Think there ought to be a law about election fraud like this? This attorney opines that there just might be:


3 Responses to “Republicans insult Wisconsin with fraud candidacies”

  1. David B Keeffe Says:

    Thanks JR … for representing.

    The implosion of the state’s, and the nation’s, GOP is nearing it’s ugly completion.

    I do NOT want to live with a one party system. But hell, maybe it’s worth a try.

  2. Ed Hammer Says:

    The Republican moral high ground is just below the elevation of Death Valley

  3. Like Democrats know anything about moral high ground. Let’s save Wisconsin from a balanced budget, reasonable taxes, etc. Let’s vote Democrat?

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