Note to Eagle Scout Walker: A Scout is Trustworthy


I’m all for Eagle Scouts. One of the things I did on a nearly daily basis as a staffer in the Lieutenant Governor’s office was to prepare correspondence and certificates for signature to honor Eagle Scouts from around the state as they achieved their distinction. It might seem like kind of an odd way to spend time in a constitutional office, but I’m guessing it’s been around for a while and it’s probably still going on now.  Eagle Scouts always do some kind of community service project to qualify and I read through the descriptions of those projects, together with glowing character endorsements from scoutmasters and community leaders. Without trying to sound like some kind of Pollyanna, it’s all kind of uplifting. 

Gov. Walker likes to mention that he was an Eagle Scout, which is something that I wasn’t. I was only in the Boy Scouts for a short period of time. This was during the Vietnam War and I found the whole thing a little too military with the uniforms, salutes and all. (Of course, I subsequently ended up spending six years in the military, so go figure.) But anyway, I do recall that the first item in the Scout Law is that “A Scout is trustworthy” and that is something that I don’t see this governor as being.  In fact, it’s not even close. Let’s start with his “divide and conquer” — and a little George Carlin thrown in to underline things:

It’s an ad with an agenda and I understand that, but despite what Walker tries to say, he’s been caught more than once showing his true colors to big money supporters with an extremist right-wing agenda – and even someone that he only thought was one, as in this lengthy phone call in which he was duped by a blogger into believing he was speaking with David Koch:

He left Marquette University without graduating, but not before the student newspaper, the Marquette Tribune, had retracted an endorsement of him in an election for student body president and instead called Walker “unfit” for office. It’s all out there in search engine land, but suffice it to say that Walker showed just what kind of a fellow he was by the manner in which he conducted his campaign and dealt with criticism.

Then there is the ongoing “Walkergate” investigation, which now involves 13 people who have been granted immunity in exchange for testimony, including his current and past spokespersons. What it looks like, clearly, is that Walker put people on the public payroll to work on his campaign and some of them were fairly unsavory characters, as we’re finding out. Within the last few weeks, the guv has transferred $160,000 into his legal defense fund and there is every reason to believe that whether he wins or loses Tuesday, he’s looking at significant legal problems going forward. He’s withholding information from the public about who is bankrolling his mounting legal bills and he won’t talk about hundreds of e-mails from a special off-county system that was installed in his Milwaukee County Executive suite to hide communications from the public.  He chose lawyers who specialize in the kinds of things that would make a person think there is a very real possibility that Walker will eventually be charged with some serious crimes.

Politifact rates more than half of Walker’s statements as “mostly false,” “false” or “pants on fire.” They’ve also rated him as tops among all the governors in the nation for making dishonest statements. Walker has a big problem with the truth and it applies to just about everything from his budget, job numbers, his opponent, his intentions, polls, state finances, voter fraud, collective bargaining, public employees and anything else.  In short, this scout is not trustworthy.  He bashes the state’s largest city in his advertising because Tom Barrett is the mayor there, even though Walker was Milwaukee County Executive for years and the city should also be one of his top priorities as governor. Just based on the record, Tom Barrett would be the Boy Scout in this race, if you just had to characterize and guess.


Legal cloud gathers over Scott Walker as recall election approaches:


3 Responses to “Note to Eagle Scout Walker: A Scout is Trustworthy”

  1. Roger Zimmermann Says:

    Lets say that government should be run like a business (which it isn’t) but according to Republicans it should be run as a private business. With that premise then the Republicans themselves should demand that Walker be fired for false statements. Why would they want their CEO to be treated any other way. He should be fired just as would someone in private business. He is untrustworthy and tells lies. The company (government) will lose market share and be affected adversely with such a leader. It is time this business (government) go though a shake-up before it is too late.

    • Ed Hammer Says:

      Roger, unfortunately, Republicans want it both ways. Run it like a business when it is convenient to show costs and the “bottomline.” Run it like a monarchy when it fits the ideology.

  2. You make a great point. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was drummed out last month for padding his resume with an extra college major. Responsible companies know that having a CEO who is seen as untruthful is a liability that they can’t afford to carry.

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