Quick analysis of the June 5 election in Wisconsin


  1. A lot of people in Wisconsin are tired of recalls.
  2. While many voters have an aversion to “special interests,” they don’t exempt unions from fitting under that label.
  3. To win, you must have a positive vision and be able to enunciate it. It’s not enough to run against people or parties.
  4. Beating incumbents is, more often than not, a very a low-odds game.
  5. Money talks. The disparity of resources in this race was insurmountable. (Graph: Center for Public Integrity. Spending by outside groups also greatly favored Gov. Walker.)

It is time for Wisconsin Democrats to craft a new vision and a new message. The party needs to develop some new messengers, too. Finally, new strategies are needed to operate successfully in a post Citizens United environment. Narrowly winning one Senate seat and losing all the other recall races means that this round of recalls was, overall, a bad fight to pick right now.



One Response to “Quick analysis of the June 5 election in Wisconsin”

  1. In my personal opinion… a fiscally conservative democrat would be pretty hard to beat. But looking at the trends in elected partisan leaders, moderates (of either party) are, if not totally extinct, needing a place on the endangered speices list.

    This severe partisan divide is going to be the general rule at least for the next 5-10 years (assuming the world continues to exist past December 21st, and I am working to hedge my bets on that one either way)

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