In the 85th Assembly District, this is what hypocrisy looks like: ‘It was all just an act.’

ImagePat Snyder has a problem.  As he runs for the 85th Assembly District, he’s been trying to rewrite his narrative to make the dozen years of fact-challenged, intolerant, right-wing manifesto that he has spewed on his 550 Radio program look like something different than what it was. He’s tried to paint himself as an “entertainer” and someone who did what he did and said what he said “for the ratings.”  His supporters are trying to help out by following the time-honored Karl Rove technique of taking their own candidate’s biggest liability and trying to project it on the opponent to neutralize it as an issue.

The only problem is that none of that is true and it’s not working. When it comes to hacks tirelessly demonstrating the dubious art of incivility in the public square, Pat Snyder is the genuine article.

Besides his ridiculously partisan radio program, Snyder doubled-down on his dogma. He traveled around the state carrying water for the Koch-founded and funded Americans for Prosperity and became so popular with the extremist AstroTurf movement that they gave him an award. Snyder regularly rolled out the red carpet for far-right spokespeople from AFP; World Net (a.k.a. Wing Nut) Daily, the Tea Party and an intermittent parade of sketchy conspiracy theorists to come to his program and help dumb down the public discourse.

His audience seemed to change in his years on the program. Eventually, listeners could count on the same few dozen like-minded callers to routinely chime in from Snyder’s Amen Corner, knowing they had a ready forum to nod and approve. Gross misrepresentations went unchallenged, so long as they fit Snyder’s agenda of demonizing public employees, Democrats and anyone else that didn’t fit the stereotypical role of what he thought a patriotic American ought to look, sound and be labeled like.  He enthusiastically put the ‘impugn’ in impunity — both on the air and from rostrums across Wisconsin.

But now, as he aspires to become an actual leader of something besides a splinter cheering section for the radical right, Snyder wants you to buy into his new spin that it was all just an act.  His supporters are writing letters to the editor trying to question his opponent’s ability to work across party lines because Mandy Wright stood up for her beliefs, her profession and public education when they were under assault from the lockstep GOP team in the  legislature that Snyder now wants to join. Mandy Wright has been completely forthcoming about participating in a legitimate effort to petition the government and exercise constitutional rights. Conversely, Pat Snyder is trying to walk back 12 years of being an unreasonable, hyper partisan, on-air bully and selling it as some kind of thoughtful discussion of issues. The trouble is it’s way too far to walk.

Snyder’s supporters are fervently (and disingenuously) trying to dismiss the facts.  The obvious truth is that they’re supporting him precisely because they absolutely do not believe it when Snyder says it was all some kind of ruse. They want and expect the exact same Pat Snyder that they know from his outrageous radio program. And they’re perfectly safe to presume that is what we’d be getting because that is the only Pat Snyder that there is.  It’s not some new, improved Pat Snyder with balanced views, an open mind and respect for fair debate that is running for the legislature. No, it’s the same guy that he’s always been since he moved to town a dozen years ago to raise hell and fly the ultra-conservative banner, both on and off the air.

I know. I sat in the studio with him every Friday morning for years, as he was cultivating an audience willing to listen to his narrow-minded rhetoric and reciting contorted right-wing talking points. It wasn’t like he invited me. I had been appearing with a bipartisan panel on the Friday show to talk about issues for years before Snyder ever showed up in Wausau and it was something he had inherited.

For anyone looking for true leadership, Pat Snyder is not a solution. Instead, he is part and parcel of what is wrong with our public dialogue. And he’ll be happy to continue his act and use our state letterhead to embarrass the people of Central Wisconsin for as long as they allow him to be their “voice in Madison,” which I sincerely hope will be not at all. Because after spending that much time up close and getting to know what Pat Snyder is all about, I can assure you that five minutes with Mandy Wright is all that it takes to know that she is a far better choice to be representing the majority of people in the 85th Assembly District.


UPDATE: Snyder told to stop with the defamatory, false accusations and libel about Mandy Wright. Translation: The guy looks pretty desperate:


8 Responses to “In the 85th Assembly District, this is what hypocrisy looks like: ‘It was all just an act.’”

  1. Not so sure about that. But I do enjoy how the two old parties pretend that they are the only choices available.

  2. Represent !!

    Thanks JR.

    And Jim Maas .. c’mon man .. be fair. It is clear what JR means when he states “I can assure you that five minutes with Mandy Wright is all that it takes to know that she is a far better choice to be representing the majority of people in the 85th Assembly District” .. that he means to compare Mandy with PS only.

    He’ll be writing a piece about you next .. LOL

    No wait, you have to do something much more egregious yet to rate a JR piece. Work on it!

  3. Ed Hammer Says:

    Nailed it, Jim!

  4. Bill Coady Says:

    Totally awesome take, Jim. And the rot runs deeper than just Mr. Snyder. His boss, Chris Conley, the alleged news director over at WSAU once again tried to defend Mr. Snyder from an incident where he derided an elementary school teacher who dared to exercise her constitutional rights. First Mr. Conley further smeared her in a fact free rant where he “supposed” many things, things that could have easily been checked had he bothered to use Google or pick up the phone. “News.” Ha! Today he essentially called her a coward. So after the fact, Mr. Conley tries to “defend” Mr. Snyder by finishing Mr. Snyder’s hatchet job for him. The ultimate irony is that Mr. Snyder denies doing it in the first place and therefore needs no defending! Or does he?
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mr. Snyder is morally obtuse as his is “former” co-worker Mr. Conley. Seriously what kind of low-lifes teach people to disrespect teachers? Or disrespect teachers themselves?

  5. Roger Zimmermann Says:

    I think I am beginning to see a republican conspiracy here. They have all gotten together with the election only weeks away and have decided to put on a sociable front (Romney, Snyder, Ryan etc). They are after all kind-hearted people when not at work. So just say whatever you want and its all okay since you never meant it anyway. Isn’t that what children try to get away with? I believe that true patriotism is telling the truth and doing things to make the country better, not just one group of people. The party of NO doesn’t get it.

  6. Not to be a jerk here, but come on Jim Maas. Go knock on a door. Campaign even just a little.

  7. Fred tealey Says:

    I used to call 55 feedback and offer an opinion contrary to Snyder, and he would either degrade me, make fun of me, call me names or hang up on me. I offered a progressive slant on the issues in an intelligent way and I guess I hit a nerve with him. I’ll never forget when he said, “oh that Fred is just a retired teacher, what does he know about life.” Enough said about an ignorant bully.

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