Snyder’s closing argument shows he’s unfit to lead


Pat Snyder has always been fact-challenged, but the waning days of the campaign have seen him stooping to new lows, even for him.

* * *

WAUSAU – Today attorney Rebecca Mason sent Pat Snyder’s campaign a letter demanding he stop his libelous, false attacks on candidate Mandy Wright, his opponent for the 85th Assembly District.

“This letter is a formal demand that you immediately cease publishing and broadcasting the false and defamatory statement,” Mason wrote. “The true facts are that Ms. Wright and her campaign have very deliberately avoided any reference to Mr. Snyder’s statements on rape.”

Mandy Wright has never once made any statement about Pat Snyder’s nephew or his statements on rape leading to something good. She was aware of the story about his nephew and avoided the topic of sexual violence against women because she personally believes it had no place being exploited as an attack in this campaign or anywhere else.

Snyder’s quote about rape was referenced in a third party mailer that Wright, by law, has absolutely nothing to do with – yet Snyder blames it on Wright’s “camp” and “team” and attacks her directly implying she has attacked his nephew and has no compassion for children of different backgrounds in her classroom, a blatant, twisted lie.

“False and misleading accusations are the lifeblood of extreme talk radio hosts; something they put on the airwaves nearly every day,” said Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee executive director Joel Gratz. “But it is absolutely inappropriate and revolting from someone who hopes to represent the people of Wausau in the state Legislature. He has thrown all credibility and civility to the wind in his latest flyers, calls and radio ads attacking Mandy Wright for something she has never said.”

* * *

Me again – and let me just say this about that. I’ve been close enough to Mandy Wright’s campaign to have known if this story was being circulated. It wasn’t. The first time I ever heard it was from Pat Snyder’s literature. It smacks of desperation and it’s a completely bogus charge; a big, fat lie. Pat has raised plenty of money from right-wing extremists outside the district and has had the help of generous third-party expenditures through groups organized by disgraced former GOP Assembly speaker Scott Jensen. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be enough to win the seat from a far more ethical competitor in the race than Snyder could ever hope to be. And the fact that he is running against a far better choice is only part of Pat Snyder’s problem. The other part is being Pat Snyder. And as hideous as the closing argument he has chosen for himself happens to be, it is at least a good measure of who voters are dealing with. He’s proven in spades that he is unfit to lead.



UPDATE: Nov. 6, 2012 election results:  Mandy Wright (D), 13,919; Pat Snyder (R), 13,008; Jim Maas (L), 1,045.


9 Responses to “Snyder’s closing argument shows he’s unfit to lead”

  1. David B Keeffe Says:

    Kinda disappointed I didn’t get one.

    Was it from a third party, or the Snyder campaign?


  2. It was from the Snyder campaign — and that’s the whole point.

  3. Joan jackson Says:

    How does the public learn about this today? Everyone should have this information!

  4. Candidates like Snyder may like to save the worst for last so there will be no time for reporters or letters to the editor that challenge their falsehoods. But frankly, this kind of thing should be no surprise to anyone who has followed his outrageous radio program over the years.

  5. This is the most hate-filled and unqualified person to run for office I have seen in my life. Even a step lower than pam galloway.If those statements are hard to believe then you never tried to listen to his radio show.

  6. By the way does anyone think his wife ans daughter are really democrats. The tea party is the ultimate enemy of the democrats. There is no way you could vote for their spokesman if you are a democrat.

  7. Where was this closing comment? I must have missed it while I was off somewhere, “not taking campaigning seriously.”

  8. David B Keeffe Says:

    The bottom line question here, even lower than “what kind of mind comes up with something like this?” .. is:

    Who is exploiting the suffering of the rape victim here?

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