Wausau School Board race: Vote for Leigh, Henning and Trollop

People are always asking me who I’m planning to vote for, so I’m going to tell you. When I was in Madison, I appreciated the no-nonsense, homespun campaign literature that I received at my door. No long, wordy, policy statements. No “kind to animals and a member of the safety patrol.” No testimonials. Just a straight up or down recommendation from whoever was making it and you could judge it by the source. So here is my take for Wausau School Board.

There are three candidates that you should vote for. They understand and support quality public education:

– Jeff Leigh

– Yvonne Vonnie Henning

– Lance R. Trollop

There are three candidates being supported by the far right, a point of view that is already well-represented on the Wausau School Board. You may even get another Americans for Prosperity mailing supporting these folks, but regardless, they have been formally endorsed by the Wausau Tea Party.


– Chad Dennis

– A.J. Gordon

– Mary Kowatch

The election is Tuesday, April 1. You need to vote.


UPDATE: Leigh, Henning and Trollop all won election and the Tea Party slate lost by a large margin.



6 Responses to “Wausau School Board race: Vote for Leigh, Henning and Trollop”

  1. Doug Diny Says:

    Jim, Did you get a chance to watch the WDH interview? I’d recommend to substitute AJ Gordon for Yvonne. Some of our near future issues are infrastructure and Gordon has more experience to guide us down that path. I thank Yvonne for her service.

    • I did watch the interview and sorry, but my take is that A.J. Gordon is part of a slate with Kowatch and Dennis.

      • Doug Diny Says:

        I differentiated Gordon from the other two as a reasonable business man. Leigh is also a thinker and appears to mix well with Gordon and Trollop.

        I attended the facilities review board meeting tonight and it is clear we need more facility/contract oriented folks in the near future and Gordon trumps the rest on this prerequisite.

  2. Amy Rebella Says:

    Just a little fact about Chad Dennis, his children don’t attend the Wausau School District.

    • Doug Diny Says:

      Thanks Amy, good info, just looking at his FB page, I have to conclude he is too narrowly focused. Even though he may be more conservative like me, I don’t like when people run on a single issue triggered by a single event.

  3. David B Keeffe Says:

    Thanks JR.

    And thank God for the election results.


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